Window Film Could Be The Solution For South-Facing Windows That Heat Up Your Small Shop

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Window Film Could Be The Solution For South-Facing Windows That Heat Up Your Small Shop

15 January 2021
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If your shop has a wall of windows that faces the south or west, you may have to cover your windows or adjust blinds on and off during the day to keep the sun under control. A better solution would be to have commercial window film put on the glass. Here's how window film could benefit your small shop.

The Temperature Is Easier To Control

One problem with big windows that get full sun all day is solar heating from the sun. The area near the windows may be hot and uncomfortable. Your staff might need to pull down blinds so they don't get hot when working close to the window. When one part of your shop has a hotspot, that can make it difficult to control the temperature in your store.

Your HVAC may even need to work harder if the thermostat is in the hotspot area. Window film slows down heat transfer so heat from the sun stays outside. This makes your store more comfortable and helps keep your energy bills lower.

Window Film Blocks Glare

Another problem with sunlight streaming through the window is glare. Glare can make it difficult to operate checkout registers and work computers. Glare can also make it difficult to see well when the sun is at the right angle. Your staff may not be able to watch customers near the window as closely, and your customers might even be bothered by glare when they're shopping in your store.

Window Film Ends Daily Fussing With Blinds

When you have commercial window film put on your shop, you no longer have to worry about your windows even if the sun shines against them all day long. The film reflects UV rays and blocks heat, and in addition, the film allows you to leave the windows uncovered all day.

Your staff no longer has to adjust blinds or shades during the day, and everyone in the store will have a full view of the outside of your shop. Plus, people passing by on the sidewalk can see inside when the windows are uncovered, and that might bring in more customers. Even though your windows will have a film on them, plenty of natural light will still flood your shop and give it a bright and cheery atmosphere.

Commercial window film is installed by a professional so it looks like part of the glass and doesn't detract from the beauty of your large windows. Your windows may even be more attractive when they're not partially blocked by shades or blinds during the day. Click here to investigate different window film options or go online to see what's available.