4 Benefits Of Installing Frameless Shower Doors

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4 Benefits Of Installing Frameless Shower Doors

27 September 2021
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When renovating your home or constructing a new house, you have to choose the design and layout of your bathroom. One of the most significant features of your bathroom space is the shower enclosure and the shower door. There are numerous shower door options to choose from, depending on your taste and preferences. They typically range from long-serving shower curtains, framed glass doors, to modern frameless shower doors. If you wonder what to choose for your shower door, here are some top benefits of installing frameless doors.

1. Easier to Clean and Maintain

Generally, glass shower doors are easy to maintain and clean. All they need is a clean sponge and warm soapy water to wipe off any stubborn scum. However, the frameless option makes work even easier.

Framed doors make it hard to eliminate the dirt stuck in between edges and on the frames. The grease can build up between the inner sides of the frame and the glass. Their frameless counterparts need you to wipe down the glass completely. This means that you can achieve a greater degree of cleanliness with the frameless option.

2. Safer Option

Framed doors are often designed with heavy frames surrounding thin glass panels. The slightest impact can send the glass crushing and require an immediate replacement. If you fail to go for tempered glass, you might as well be exposed to injuries from the broken glass.

On the other hand, frameless options are designed with thicker glass. Thicker glass is harder to break and safer to have in your shower space. So if you want to prioritize safety, frameless shower doors will come in handy.

3. Latest Trend

Frameless shower doors have been the latest trend in the market recently. They bring some sense of elegance and class into any bathroom space. Therefore, if you want to renovate your house to sell in the future or boost its overall value, you might want to go with what attracts most potential home buyers.

Potential home buyers will probably be looking for a house with the latest trends. Therefore, you should consider installing frameless glass shower doors.

4. Make Spaces Look Bigger

Framed doors and shower curtains have structures that cut off your sightlines and make bathrooms appear smaller and constricted. They are recommended in smaller bathroom spaces. Experts advise clients to choose frameless shower doors that allow light to pass through the room and virtually make it look bigger. Regardless of the size of your current bathroom space, you can depend on frameless doors to make your bathroom look bigger.

Frameless glass shower doors have many benefits over their counterparts. Besides improving curb appeal, you can improve your bathroom and reap the benefits discussed above. Consult with experts today to explore various frameless shower doors designs available. For more information, reach out to a frameless shower door company near you, such as Naugatuck Window and Glass.