Five Things You Shouldn't Assume When It Comes To Auto Glass Installation

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Five Things You Shouldn't Assume When It Comes To Auto Glass Installation

24 October 2022
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Vehicle owners need to understand the process of getting an auto glass installation done. If your auto glass becomes damaged in any way, you need to get it looked at by an auto glass technician. You also need to avoid making inaccurate assumptions about auto glass installation services.

The following are five things you shouldn't assume when it comes to auto glass installation. 

Filing a claim for auto glass installation will increase your premiums

It's important to take advantage of the collision coverage on your auto insurance policy when you need to have an auto glass installation done. Don't be reluctant to file a claim on your auto insurance policy for new auto glass because you think this will make your premiums go up.

Filing one claim on the collision coverage of your policy for auto glass installation shouldn't push up your premiums. Make sure that you take advantage of the coverage you have rather than paying for auto glass installation out of pocket. 

Getting auto glass installation done takes a long time

Many auto glass installation services can quickly take care of your service needs. You shouldn't be concerned that your vehicle will have to be in the shop for a long time to get new auto glass installed.

Ask shops in your area how quickly they can get an auto glass installation done to make sure that your vehicle will be ready as soon as you need it. 

Driving with missing auto glass is ok

One of the worst things you can do is drive with damage to your auto glass. You should have damage looked at by an auto glass technician and have your windshield replaced promptly if needed rather than driving with damaged auto glass. 

Replacing your auto glass is always necessary

Whether you need to have a new auto glass installation done depends on the extent of the damage. While you may need to have a new installation done, in some cases, your auto glass technician may be able to perform minor repairs on chips and scratches in your windshield. 

Choosing your auto glass installation service is not possible if you want costs to be covered by insurance

Some vehicle owners think that they have to go to the auto glass service shop that their insurance company specifies if they file a claim for repairs. However, vehicle owners should be able to choose any location for auto glass installation that they prefer even if their insurance is covering the service. 

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